Introducing AIUS - Automated Intelligent Underwriting System

Quicker Closes - More Yes Decisions- Certainty of Execution

​​Nationwide Commercial Real Estate Financing

ERHCapital  has now defined the future of Commercial  Real Estate lending with the introduction of AIUS - our Automated Intelligent Underwriting System. Along with our balance sheet loan programs our AIUS Underwriting Software System links to over 165  of our nations’ most aggressive lenders and over 250 Private Equity Groups and Family Offices and covers all markets in the United States. Our AIUS underwrites, processes, provides, and sources financing from $1 million and up, with no upper limit and delivers Quicker Closes, more Yes decisions, and Certainty of Execution.

Our AIUS - Intelligent Underwriting Software along with our new processing and clearly defined work flow procedures along with our banking relationships will  get your transactions funded quickly and professionally at the most aggressive rates and terms.

ERHCapital and our AIUS provides or sources funding for a wide variety of loan programs including debt, equity, mezzanine, and bridge financing. In addition to our balance sheet loan programs our AIUS provides direct access to a pool of Family Offices and Wall Street funds including Portfolio Managers, Insurance Companies, public and private Venture Capital Funds, and Hard Money Lenders. Our AIUS provides the greatest flexibility in providing financing solutions, offering every layer of commercial capital. We partner with you from the beginning to the end - one phone call for all your financing needs.
The commercial lending environment has become much more complex and underwriting standards have become much more stringent. All members of our firm are cross-trained and knowledgeable in multiple lending functions, from loan origination and analysis, to underwriting, processing and funding. Our AIUS and our expertise in structuring and underwriting transactions allows us to find a way to “just make the deal work”.

Our AIUS and ERHCAP’s origination capabilities in both primary and secondary markets enable us to meet the financing objectives of almost every borrower. This means that borrowers have the widest selection of loan programs available from any single firm in the market. Our process and service will save you a tremendous amount of time. You will have the freedom to continue with your daily affairs, with very little interruption, while we and our AIUS manage most of the tedious time consuming work. We can manage everything from the privacy of your office or home. The loan process is handled on-line and via email, and phone, which allows you to avoid time consuming face to face meetings. We also provide you an on-line dashboard that allows you to check the progress or status of your loan 24/7.  Our AIUS and our clearly defined process is designed to eliminate the hassles typically associated with borrowing money. And we will always keep your loan request and personal information strictly secure and confidential. We will gladly guide you every step of the way with expert consulting and answers to your questions. We eliminate the frustration typically inherent in securing commercial financing. There is never a reason to be intimidated or confused when you use ERHCAP.

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